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Informative Interview


The personal touch to your personnel requirements


At Personal Touch Recruitment, we deliver on our promise to provide a tailored service, with integrity, passion, and dedication, that will make a difference to your business or your career. 

The business started as after years in the industry; it was apparent that the only way I could offer a service that was of a quality I would expect as a customer myself, was to make sure I was leading this from the front.

The aim was not to be known for being the largest recruitment agency hitting the masses, but to be known for the results we deliver to businesses of all sizes. 

I know that by using the approach we do, coupled with the experience and passion, we will be valuable to your business and help you to hire someone that will be a great fit to your company with the skills, qualifications, and sharing your company ethos. 

We understand how vital it is to ensure you have the right recruitment consultant, to work alongside you, and to represent your company. We also understand it takes time to build that trust and to know that we can deliver precisely what you need. 

We want to demonstrate our commitment and confidence to you, and this is why we have our unrivaled gold standard t&c's. 


We know you will receive numerous calls a day from recruitment agencies, selling their services, and no doubt, your team will be told to say that you are "busy." 

This, in itself, was a massive reason for me starting this company, knowing there were so many businesses out there that had had awful experiences with agencies or the wrong perception. 
The value in the service that we offer means you will see how crucial we could be to your business and helping you meet your temporary and permanent staffing needs. 
We like to meet all clients face to face for an initial meeting, which will allow us to understand your requirements, your company, and your ethos. 
This is not a pushy sales meeting; it is a chance not only for us to get that understanding, but also for you to meet us and make sure you are happy to work with us. 
We build a relationship, on trust, and where you will are assured of our commitment to you.

The meeting will also give us a chance to create a bespoke offer on how we can achieve your goals. There are times within businesses, where you may be going through structural changes, growth, and expansion, which may mean you have several positions you are looking fill. We can help create a strategy to achieve this within your timescales. 
Equally, you may be a smaller business, and you may not have worked with a Recruitment Consultant before, so let us help and advise you along the way.


We understand that it can be daunting when you are looking for a new role. 
You may find yourself searching for that new role for a variety of reasons, perhaps a new challenge, facing redundancy, just finished a temp placement, or you may only have just qualified in your skill or trade. 
You may be just clicking and apply for many jobs, and keeping your fingers crossed or calling around, searching the internet for that perfect role?
Why not give us a call? We can have a chat to get an understanding of your work background, qualifications, and what you are looking for. If there is a role that we believe you would be perfect for, we would look to either meet with you face to face, arrange a time for an in-depth conversation, or schedule a video call.
We can guide you through the process, including supporting with improving your CV, providing pointers on an interview, and we promise to always communicate with you along the way, you won't be left waiting for that promised call or the email with the information.